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~I had a life before I heard of these guys~

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where can i get this job

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ashton5sos: calum5sos hey man :) <3 the question is why is my hotel room like on the other freakin side of the hotel lol #seperationanxiety

calum5sos: ashton5sos haha our beds are usually conjoined . Come downstairs bro x :D

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On the left is the boy I fell in love with. With his floppy blond hair, addictive smile and mesmerising voice, it was hard to share him with the rest of the 5sos fam.

On the right is the boy *cough MAN cough* that I fall in love with every day. With his not-so-floppy blond hair, ever-addictive smile and still-mesmerising voice, it’s hard to share him with the world.

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ashton irwin: a summary (insp)

(luke) (calum) (michael)

calum hood: a summary (insp)

(ashton) (luke) (michael)

michael clifford: a summary (insp)

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